The second amendment was adopted in 1791. The Constitution does not define arms, but regulation on them is part of our Federal law. I interpret the second amendment as intentionally broad and meant to evolve in definition. The technology around the time of America’s founding includes

  • Telling time accurately
  • Toilets
  • Stoves
  • Electricity

Arms technology was relatively basic, of course.

Today, no one is ousting Deep State overlords with AR-15s and AK-47s. These are fantasies, just like bunker busting platoons with grenade launchers or launching fire barricades with Tesla flamethrowers.

Semiautomatic rifles (SARs) should be banned. The constant rebuttal is that…

Reaction To The Camp Fire

There’s nothing up there,

I said during a critical conversation with a friend of twenty years about another friend of twenty years who had just moved from Chico to Paradise, a low-income town of 30,000. 80 years ago Gertrude Stein said, “there is no there there,” about her own Northern California hometown of Oakland. Paradise, California is a twenty mile trek up the Skyway from Chico, a beautiful drive with a deep, sublime canyon to the north and a landscape to the south that looks like Eugene in the spring and the Serengeti in the Summer. I’m told that the…

First and foremost, to every business owner who is pissed off as May 1 rent looms, I cannot argue with you. You are all right to be mad. I have faith that as a collective we will work on a fix day-by-day. Continue to describe your personal experiences on social media, because accurate personal experience can result in social, political, and economic science. We are learning as we go.

Here is the important point: Hillary Clinton would have gotten ahead of this thing in January, and everyone would be working by now, because she’s smart and experienced.

It turns out

Film From The Lens Of An American Under 40

Welcome to The Living Directors (1986–2019) which, for the time being, is an ongoing document meant to be amended. The rules are set, but additions and retractions can and will be made as new shit comes to light. Links to new media will be posted, podcasts will be recorded, and YouTube videos will be published. Enjoy.

The Rules

  1. No films before 1986
  2. The director had to be alive on December 31, 2019
  3. No television, shorts, documentaries, or stage work

This isn’t a best-of list for American directors, but it is made from an American perspective. …

It’s Time for the MLB to Steal from Other Major Sports

Baseball is now third in major American sports popularity. The second place NBA is rising while the MLB slowly falls. Soccer, too, is climbing in popularity every year, and is on baseball’s heels.

These are the numbers, and the consensus among scholars of the game is aligned with the public.

Baseball must learn from football, basketball, and soccer if it wants to regain the popularity it has lost. Fortunately, there are four facets of the game where the sport can be changed for the better.

The Pace

Install a 12 second pitch clock that begins once the ball hits the pitcher’s glove…

The Democrats, Pt. 3 | All-First and Second Team

About a week ago ABC released the lineup for its first Democratic debate of 2019, to take place Thursday.

The participating candidates have been in my top ten for a couple of months now, so bravo to ABC for knocking off the dead leaves while we head into autumn. The question is, has the warm September tide begun to turn?

Joe Biden fell drastically in the most recent Monmouth poll.

This is an apparent outlier, as most polls show Joe sustaining a healthy lead. One can only wonder if a tumble down a shore-side cliff is looming for…

Moral Action Is All We Have

I saw the news from Dayton last night, so I’ve had some time to think about this. What’s happening in our country, as we speak, is the worst thing to happen here since 9/11.

Since then, there have been a handful of gun massacres where more died than did this week. There was a gun massacre at an elementary school. There have been gun massacres at high schools and colleges. More Americans died in the pointless reactionary wars to 9/11 than did in 9/11.

This week, however, the provocation to an open race war began. A chain reaction of white…

The Democrats, Pt. 2

There’s a lot to deal with here, but first: I am on board with two ten-person debates during the June before election year. It’s a preliminary to the preliminaries, and it can be conducted well, but the debate format needs to change in a substantial way. Crowds are not just unnecessary, they subtract from the substance. Debates should be held at round tables in quiet rooms with a good moderator, good lunch, and good coffee. We’d be doing much better as a country if The Hollywood Reporter was in charge of this.

Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane spoke about…

The Democrats

Point Guard: Elizabeth Warren

She is directing policy, and she is the most well-rounded intellectual of the group. She has disappointingly average numbers versus Trump, which is an obvious concern for the front office. League consensus is that she is the best player on the team, but as of today she is shaping to be the 2020 Bernie Sanders. I hope she is number one, but if she does not win the candidacy and another Democrat goes on to win the Presidency, her victories will come in policy narratives, possibly as the Vice President. …

One Week In America

It began on an autumn Friday morning in Washington D.C.

It’s been one week since, and despite dozens of tweets from the Commander in Chief, Republicans are not polling well. Post-2016 polls are complex for traumatized but numbers-driven Democrats. We can’t acknowledge them right now. They need to earn our trust back. Good polling doesn’t serve the front-runner any good, anyway. It only motivates the competition and makes the base complacent. I want my polls to say, “it’s so fucking close, you better act now.” It’s called benevolent deception.

October 26, 2018

With ironic quotation the President denies that the bombs mailed…

Derek Ahlswede

Medieval, Environment, Modern Lit and Critical Theory

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