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Trump, Racism, and the American Metamorphosis

Upon hearing the phrase white American racism, what percentage of your white American friends do you think would become offended and argue the very concept? 20%? Half?

Our country is going through changes. We all need to learn new things about each other. We need to learn to admit what we don’t know.

American white racism exists. It’s not a controversy. You, personally, have to allow people to talk about it, which is a good thing. Learning about experiences that differ from yours, whether uplifting or painful, is invigorating and unifying.

A majority of whites support the Trump narrative. As of July, the overall white vote is 50–41; white men are at 60–26; white women are 47–43; non-college whites are 65–25.

The minority of whites voting for Clinton are generally more educated than white Trump-voters. College whites overall are 48–37, Clinton; white college women are 57–34, Clinton; white college men are 47–46, Trump.

There’s a spectrum of belief within any group or group label, but if you support a presidential candidate who makes racist claims and proposals, at best you are indifferent to those claims and proposals, right? That, or you’re paying no attention. I don’t think the 50% of white America supporting Trump are indifferent or invisible. I’m afraid most appease and/or agree with what he says.

The Oxford definition of racism is,

Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

Racism is specifically tied to feelings of superiority. It’s an egoistic endorphin release — a self-importance that quells insecurity. Racism is the creation of an inherent value inequality, something humans normally apply to non-human animals.

When we think to ourselves, I’m different because of my race, there’s a very short path to, I’m more valuable because of my race. It starts with a visual difference, and that visual difference transforms into a personal one, which then opens the door for feelings of superiority. We go from, I’m different than you to we are not equals, so therefore I am better than you to I am better than you because of our difference.

Compounded to this, there is a base instinct to apply the attributes of a skin color to its respective personality. That is, some believe that white = good or clean, and dark = bad or dirty. One is the color of snow, the other is the color of mud. It’s a childish instinct to say the least, and fears emerge from it for both the racist and the victim.

There shouldn’t be this much confusion on whether or not skin color is personal. It certainly doesn’t display the bright side of humanity. It’s melanin, stupid. It’s just a product of natural selection and ultraviolet radiation:

[Wiki via Cambridge] In evolution, skin pigmentation in human beings evolved by a process of natural selection primarily to regulate the amount of ultraviolet radiation penetrating the skin, controlling its biochemical effects.

White skin is proportionally fading away in America, and, racist or not, it’s a statistical mistake to go down swinging while trying to preserve it. For the first time in our 240 year history — 150 years since the abolition of slavery — minority births are no longer the minority. The white U.S. population will become an overall minority by 2044.

America, stop trying to make a white majority happen. It’s not going to happen.

The GOP — against the will of some of its most iconic ideologues — has made the jaw-dropping mistake of doubling down on white, and the results are in. In a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, Trump is polling zero percent with African American voters in the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Zero.

On Real Time with Bill Maher, Frank Luntz — and later S.E. Cupp, who called it a cultural sonic boom — belabored the divide in our country.

This recently popular conservative claim on divide is usually brought up to accuse Obama of being the most divisive president ever, or something. It’s flabbergastingly ironic. Equal rights and opportunity are liberal cornerstones. Unity and equality is, like, the Liberal thing. Conservatives, Republicans, Donald Trump — this is the wall party. The division proposed by the GOP is literal. This is how we make America great.

Great isn’t a ban on the Middle East.

Great isn’t division from Mexicans who

aren’t like you,


they’re rapists.

Great isn’t accusing a U.S. District Court Judge of bias — in a Trump U case, of all things — because of his ethnicity. Even the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called this textbook racism. He still supports him, though:


The fascinating statistic right now — one I would like research on — is that the Hispanic American vote for Trump is consistent with past GOP presidential candidate numbers (≈ 25%). It’s quite high in mostly English-speaking Hispanic houses (≈ 40%). Apparently many second and third generation Mexican Americans who grew up speaking mostly English want a wall.

Hispanics for Trump are between 20–25% nationally, and African Americans are polling between 6-10%. Do these numbers prevent any candidate from winning a general election indefinitely? On a June episode of Keepin’ It 1600, guest Stuart P. Stevens speaks with host Dan Pfeiffer about the shrinking power of the white vote, reminding us that,

(in 2012) Romney got 59% of the white vote and lost. Reagan got 57% and won 44 states.

You need brown votes to win. The fact that Republicans ignore this accords with the nearsightedness of white perceptions on racism.

Nicholas Kristoff recently wrote a piece on white delusion:

Half of white Americans today say that discrimination against whites is as big a problem as discrimination against blacks. Really? That contradicts overwhelming research showing that blacks are more likely to be suspended from preschool, to be prosecuted for drug use, to receive longer sentences, to be discriminated against in housing, to be denied job interviews, to be rejected by doctors’ offices, to suffer bias in almost every measurable sector of daily life.

On the Bill Simmons Podcast, Wesley Morris offered some advice:

When your black friends are talking to you about how they’re feeling, just listen. Don’t try to tell them what is actually going on in the world, because, they kinda know. You don’t have to listen to, “police are racist, asshole, scumbag pigs,” because that’s not productive, but when your black friend is basically saying, “hey look man, I feel an immense amount of pressure that I’ve had my entire life being black — whether it’s hailing a cab, or getting pulled over by the cops, or getting asked for my ID for no reason.” Just say, “yeah man, I’m really sorry about that. I hear you.” Don’t try to say, “it’s not that bad.”

The twist to our current and historical state of white privilege is that nothing can stop the coming racial and political shift to brown liberalism. White conservatives can either double-down on a losing hand or fold and learn a new game. Either way, brown voters are going to ensure that Democrats win every general election from here on out, until, in a few terms (RemindMe! 12 years), the Democrats become the conservative party, and a Socialist Capitalist party emerges from the embers of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Against all current intuition, race and politics will bring us together.

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