One Nation, Under the Sun

Why do borders and militaries exist? Why can’t earth be one economy and one country? The world isn’t too big anymore. Technology shrunk it. We can level up now.

America has been through the wringer over the best ways to govern a bunch of highly populated states under one massive nation. We need to fine tune the election process (e.g., easy and equal voting, campaign finance), but once we ensure it’s fair we’ll have a pretty solid system of government in place for everyone on earth.

We will live in a capitalist democracy with a constitution. We will vote on taxes for safety, education, healthcare, research, development, and preservation. International is now interplanetary.

Your instinct may be to shout bigger government!, but take a moment to think about the implications of one nation on Earth. Safety, freedom, and well-being would increase substantially.

We can do this.

Medieval, Environment, Modern Lit and Critical Theory

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