First and foremost, to every business owner who is pissed off as May 1 rent looms, I cannot argue with you. You are all right to be mad. I have faith that as a collective we will work on a fix day-by-day. Continue to describe your personal experiences on social media, because accurate personal experience can result in social, political, and economic science. We are learning as we go.

Here is the important point: Hillary Clinton would have gotten ahead of this thing in January, and everyone would be working by now, because she’s smart and experienced.

It turns out that Donald Trump is an eighth grade D-student who is not, in fact, a “good business man.” He’s an emasculate internet troll who grew up rich, doesn’t read, and has no friends. You can see and hear it all every time he speaks. He’s the opposite of what you look for in a leader/CEO/POTUS, and that’s scary. It was election night 2016, and it is during a pandemic.

The night Donald was elected, my one and only fear was, will we survive? I am not an alarmist, but even though I don’t know Donald Trump, I know him, just like millions of New Yorkers and Americans do. We are rightly terrified by,

Donald Trump: Commander In Chief, Leader of the Executive Branch

He should never have been the nominee of a major political party, but Republicans are savage. The candidate can be anyone as long as they win. It’s irresponsible as hell.

On the point of correcting this, we welcome The Responsible Justin Amash, who announced his official candidacy for President today. He’s a Republican congressperson from Michigan. He has been a smart and poignant critic of Donald Trump from the beginning.

A notable third-party candidate is par for the course. Ralph Nadar and Jill Stein were the Democratic spoilers to Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. Amash is in the vein of a Ross Perot, who took stock from Bush 1 in ‘92.

Surprisingly, the immediate wisdom is that Amash will take away from Biden, which I don’t quite understand. Both Republicans and Democrats vote the party line. All these 2016 Trump voters who the Democrats are trying to sway with Biden? The vast majority will find a way to talk themselves into voting Republican when the day comes. It’s why so many “normal” Republicans voted for Trump. They didn’t like him, but their views align with the Republican party, so they vote for him.

A 2016 Trump Republican who does not vote for Trump in 2020 is a win for Democrats. Justin Amash will hurt Donald Trump. Yes, a vote for him isn’t a vote for Biden, but Democrats will take the wash for Amash.

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