Updated 2020 Presidential Lineup

Point Guard: Elizabeth Warren

She is directing policy, and she is the most well-rounded intellectual of the group. She has disappointingly average numbers versus Trump, which is an obvious concern for the front office. League consensus is that she is the best player on the team, but as of today she is shaping to be the 2020 Bernie Sanders. I hope she is number one, but if she does not win the candidacy and another Democrat goes on to win the Presidency, her victories will come in policy narratives, possibly as the Vice President. To be the number two candidate who forces the number one candidate to improve their game is arguably, and unfairly, the most important work on the court.

Shooting Guard: Joe Biden

He has the best political resume on the team (some great seasons, some bad ones). He is the Pippen to Obama’s Jordan. He’s going to score a lot just by riding the wave he’s already created. His numbers against Trump are very good. Can he put up big numbers through the whole season? We will see. It’s all or nothing.

Small Forward: Beto O’Rourke

The biggest surprise of the starting group, but he’s holding his spot steady. He didn’t even win his 2018 senate race, but the gains he made in Texas for Democrats were historic. It’s like a Republican senator almost taking a seat from Feinstein. In the newest CNN poll he has the best numbers of any candidate versus Trump. He is new to the league, but he has undeniably good stats, and that makes him instant all-star material.

Power Forward: Kamala Harris

She is the legal backbone of the group. She is a first-team, A+ defender. She has great intellectual strength and quickness. She is working on her three point shot and her turnaround jumper in the low post, but she can reach an all-star level offensive game. She is a great team asset, and she is a leader.

Center: Bernie Sanders

He directed policy in the last election. He is the proven veteran. He is the Al Horford or late-career Tim Duncan of the group, which makes him pretty boring to talk about. He still puts up very good numbers against Trump, he is reliable, and at this point he is safely looking like a top-three candidate.

Six-Man: Pete Buttigieg

This shooting guard came out of the gate dribbling through defenders and draining threes. It was Butt-sanity. Now his defense is being put to the test. He is very intelligent, he has unlimited potential, and he makes good arguments for a millennial with experience to lead our government. He has Mayoral executive experience, but some experience as Governor before President would do wonders for his game. You can never rule him out of the starting lineup with his skillset.

Bench: Cory Booker, Julian Castro

They are great young forwards who just aren’t gaining as much traction as they hoped this election. Both are expected to be in future starting lineups.

Top Draft Prospect: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The 29-year-old star point guard is a founder of the Green New Deal. She will be eligible to run in 2028.

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